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Kill Me Softly – Sarah Cross

It seems the fairy tales we grew up with are not so magical and wonderful in real life.  Mira was orphaned at a young age and was raised by her two godmothers in a sheltered environment.  Although the godmothers will … Continue reading

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The Hunt – Andrew Fukuda

Instead of the traditional humans turning into zombies storyline that wipes out humanity, humans are facing extinction from a vampire-ish majority that crave a diet of the few remaining true humans called hepers.  The story opens with Gene, a heper doing … Continue reading

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Grimalkin The Witch Assassin – The Last Apprentice (bk 9) – Joseph Delaney

The storyline in the highly addictive The Last Apprentice series continues with the focus on Grimalkin, the witch assassin.  The books must be read in order.  Tom is the apprentice to the Spook whose mission is to hunt down and … Continue reading

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Peaceweaver – Rebecca Barnhouse

The historical fantasy setting is 6th century Scandinavia and the scene of constant fighting between the clans.  Hilf is the niece to the Scylfing (Swedes) king and is prone to spells of hyper-adrenaline when she skillfully uses her sword to kill … Continue reading

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Starters – Lissa Price

We’ve got another bleak future in store.  This time, civilization has been ravaged by germ warfare.  Only the youth and the elderly are vaccinated and survive.  The elderly have been surviving quite nicely, living well into their 100s.  But there … Continue reading

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Another Jekyll, Another Hyde – Daniel and Dina Nayeri

I tend to enjoy new spins on the classic books, and this one doesn’t disappoint.  Though only loosely based on the original Jekyll and Hyde storyline, it incorporates many of the themes and morals while weaving in aspects of modern day life.  Thomas … Continue reading

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Wonder – R. J. Palacio

Wow.  I’ve been sorting through everything I’ve read lately, trying to narrow down the reading list for my school next year.  Wonder will be on the list.  Auggie was born with severe craniofacial deformities.  He’s had twenty seven surgeries.  He … Continue reading

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