Slide – Jill Hathaway

Slide will be a big hit in the young adult market.  Twisty mysteries are always good and this one has a unique way of delivering the clues, the pieces to solve the mystery.  Sylvia (Vee) suffers from narcolepsy.  When she passes out, she slides into another’s mind.  Younger sister Mattie’s best friend, Sophie, commits suicide, or did she?  Vee slides into the murderer’s mind moments after the act, but she cannot see whose mind she is in.  She is the only one who knows that Sophie did not commit suicide but was murdered.  Later, she slides into the mind of her best buddy, Rollins, who was with Amber moments before she was found dead.  Surely Rollins is not the murderer, but he has been acting distant.  Something is off.  Then there is her new boyfriend Zane who is wonderful, but she knows very little about him and his family.  I thought I had this one figured out several times, but no.  Riveting, twisty, and unique, Slide is everything a teen mystery should be.

NetGalley review    Publication date 3.27.12

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