Someone Else’s Life – Katie Dale

Someone Else’s Life is a thoughtful story designed to keep the reader intrigued.  Rosie, a British teen, loses her mother to Huntington’s  Disease, a degenerative genetic disease that affects cognition and motor skills.  Rosie begins the genetic testing that will determine if she carries the HD gene.  She is shocked to learn that she is not her mother’s biological daughter.  She was switched at birth with a sick baby who was expected to die.  Rosie travels to the U.S. to find her biological parents and hopes to get answers.  What happened to the sickly baby that was switched?   This character-driven story is slow-paced and reflective while punctuated with plot twists.  The alternating narration adds a layer of complexity to the story.


NetGalley Review   Publication date 2.14.12

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