Every Other Day – Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Kali is a strong heroine in this riveting action adventure filled with paranormal monster hunting amidst high school angst.   Kali appears like a normal teenage girl, but every other day at dawn, she shifts into something extraordinary.   She still looks human, but she gains supernatural strength and speed, predatory instincts, and can’t be killed.  She puts these talents to use by hunting down the preternatural beasts that roam freely – basilisks, zombies, hellhounds, etc.  She has no idea why she is like this.  Her father barely registers her existence and her mother disappeared from her life when she was a toddler.  Her life takes another twist when she takes on a memory-leaching parasite thinking she just has to hang on to the next day when her superpowers will kill the parasite.  In order to make it until dawn, though, she has to open herself up to the help of others, something she has resisted her entire life.  Through the process, she learns the truths of who and what she is.  There is a rather odd relationship with Zev that is quite interesting.  Kali’s new friends, Bethany and Skyler, round out the story perfectly.  The suspense made this a quick read.  I’m eager to read more about Kali’s adventures.

NetGalley review  Publication date 12.27.11

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