Invisible Sun – David Macinnis Gill

Non-stop fighting on Mars!  The companion novel to Black Hole Sun does not waste words with background and introductions.  Fighters for hire, Durango and Vienne, both exceedingly attractive, steal data from the former corporation of his disgraced father.    While they are highly skilled fighters, they are certainly aided by their impenetrable symbiarmor and high tech weapons.  They have a few moments of peace before called in on a rescue mission.  Things go awry; Vienne is taken prisoner and tortured, while Durango is left for dead.  He’s not but he is badly broken.  He sets out to rescue Vienne.  It seems like there is a fight at least every other chapter.  But then this dystopian Mars settlement is rife with discord, discontent, corruption, and crime, so fighting is a way of life.  This is marketed as a stand-alone companion to Black Hole Sun, but it really helps to have read the first book.  I read Black Hole Sun a year ago and forgot a bit of the storyline.  The author does fill in the background by drizzling it out in various chapters.  The end is a whopper, setting up the reader for more.

NetGalley review  Publication date 3.27.12

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