Happy Families – Tanita S. Davis

This captivating book was read in one night.  It is one of those stories that grabs hold and is difficult to put down until I knew everything would work out with the characters.  It is a story of self-discovery and of acceptance.  Twins Ysabel and Justin have bright futures and are fortunate to have loving parents – parents that they really like.  It all changes when their grandfather spots their father dressed in drag in another town.  Their father revealed that he is transgendered.  He leaves town to give his family space, but they become depressed and withdrawn.  Suddenly he is back in town and the twins must come to terms with their feelings.  During Spring Break, the twins visit their dad for therapy sessions, group outings, and heartfelt talks.  Initially, the twins are resistant and can’t stand to be alone with their father.  As the week goes on, they realize he’s still the same wonderful Dad as always.  The narration alternates between Ysabel and Justin, revealing unique ways they process the information and come to terms with their intense feelings.  This is a wonderfully told story with a loving, supportive family at its core.

NetGalley Review   Publication date 5.8.12

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