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Starters – Lissa Price

We’ve got another bleak future in store.  This time, civilization has been ravaged by germ warfare.  Only the youth and the elderly are vaccinated and survive.  The elderly have been surviving quite nicely, living well into their 100s.  But there … Continue reading

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Happy Families – Tanita S. Davis

This captivating book was read in one night.  It is one of those stories that grabs hold and is difficult to put down until I knew everything would work out with the characters.  It is a story of self-discovery and … Continue reading

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Above World – Jenn Reese

While most post-apocalyptic tales have humanity living somewhere in space or on the barren lands of Earth, Above World poses a unique alternative.  Most of the inhabitants of this world are modified by technology, or tech, in some way.  This enables them … Continue reading

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