The List – Siobhan Vivian

A degrading tradition has taken root at a high school.  Every fall, a list is distributed of the ugliest and prettiest girl in each grade.  The humiliation for the girls named as ugliest can well be imagined and it can be a difficult road for the prettiest girl to travel.  The story opens on Monday with the list distribution and ends on Saturday with the homecoming dance.  The story rotates between the eight girls on the list for each of the 6 days, so I was constantly flipping back to the front of the book to remember which girl is which.   Too many things don’t make sense.  All this in a week?  Girls shop for the all-important homecoming dress just days before the dance?  Major shifts in friendships in days?  Sure, girls can turn on each other faster than you can blink, but still. While teen girls will like this, I’ve read better.  The subject matter makes this better suited for the older teen.

Galley Review  Publication date 4.1.12

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