Kill Me Softly – Sarah Cross

It seems the fairy tales we grew up with are not so magical and wonderful in real life.  Mira was orphaned at a young age and was raised by her two godmothers in a sheltered environment.  Although the godmothers will not divulge many details about her parents, Mira knows where they came from.  She runs away from home to find out more about her past and experience life.  She ends up in a fancy hotel in Beau Rivage, and is immediately befriended by a group of local teens.  Felix, the young manager of the hotel, takes an instant liking to her, but his brother, Blue, is less than hospitable at first. As she begins to explore, she realizes that these teens are not quite normal.  They have all been blessed or cursed by fairies, with traits reminiscent of those in Grimms’ fairy tales.  Mira belongs here.  She is one of them and is cursed in a fashion similar to Sleeping Beauty.  While she knows who the designated prince is to wake her from her impending slumber, she doesn’t know what will trigger the deep sleep.  As she searches for answers, she learns more about her past and realizes that her parents may still be alive.  This is a beautifully woven story with a great balance of romance, mystery, and fantasy that will keep the readers engaged.

NetGalley Review    Publication date 4.10.12

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