Lucky Fools – Coert Voorhees

The competition is fierce at Oak Fields prep in many areas of David Ellison’s life.  He and all the other seniors are contemplating their college choices and life goals and are thrown a crushing blow when a Stanford admissions representative tells them that only one student from their school will be granted admission.  Initially, David isn’t too fazed by the news.  While his girlfriend, Ellen, and new friend and theater costar, Vanessa, both desperately want to go to Stanford, David has his sights set on Julliard.  He’s been the star of all the school plays for years, and knows the theater is where his dreams lie.  His parents aren’t quite as sure and encourage him to explore other options.  Just when David thinks he has his life figured out, things start to change.  Class bullying and fighting targets the students who try to excel.  David’s new friendship with Vanessa causes jealousy in Ellen. Finally, David takes the stage to audition for Julliard and something happens that he had never anticipated.  His whole picture of who he is and who he’s destined to become starts to crash.  Lucky Fools is cleverly written and portrays the characters’ struggles with self-discovery and teen angst in an insightful way.

NetGalley review   Publication date 7.10.12

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