Struck – Jennifer Bosworth

Mia has been struck by lightning countless times, so that she has become the embodiment of lightning with rivers of scars running the length of her body. If she loses her temper or feels threatened, she releases energy and can kill. Her mother and brother settle in Los Angeles just in time for a huge earthquake with death and destruction everywhere. The story opens when she and her brother go back to school to try and resume some sense of normalcy. There are two opposing factions in town that infiltrate the school. One group is lead by a televangelist prophet who preaches the end of the world in a few days and the Seekers who fight against the religious zealots. Apparently, it takes one whopper of a lightning strike to set off the final, ultimate earthquake and both sides want to harness Mia’s power. The story moves along at a brisk pace and includes a bit of romance when Mia meets Jeremy, a boy with visions of the future. Struck is a satisfying read for teens with brisk action and an interesting premise.

NetGalley review Publication date 5.08.12

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