Hemlock – Kathleen Peacock

Just a few years earlier, the myths of werewolves were confirmed as reality by the government.  It’s an affliction that’s spread like a contagious disease through bites and scratches from those already infected.  Unlike most normal diseases, though, werewolfism can’t be cured with a few drugs or a brief hospital stay.  Instead, those afflicted are hunted down by a cult-like organization known as the Trackers, and are then sent to a type of rehab facility for a very long time.  While these Trackers seem rather brutal to some, their mission is justified.  Many werewolves are incredibly dangerous and deadly.  A white wolf in particular has wreaked havoc on the small town of Hemlock, and has killed Amy, the best friend of Mackenzie Dobson.  Amy’s boyfriend, Jason, takes the news rather hard, and goes on drinking binges and joins the Trackers.  Mackenzie’s long-time friend, Kyle, tries to help her cope with Amy’s brutal death, but she soon learns that Kyle has some secrets of his own.  After she is attacked by a mob of Trackers and her life is threatened, she begins to see into the world of the werewolves in the town. Together, these friends start to investigate all the mysterious happenings of the small town, and figure out the real culprit behind Amy’s murder.  Hemlock has a brilliantly mixed combination of romance, mystery, and fantasy, and is filled with unique characters and plot twists that keep the reader enthralled.

Galley review     Publication date  5.8.12

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