Transcendence – C. J. Omololu

What are the odds of meeting the ONE person on the entire planet that is your true soul mate?  Fairly slim.  Perhaps there are many people that you can be happy living with your entire life.  If you have many lives, I would hope there are a plethora of potential mates that can lead to a happy life.

Cole, short for Nichole, is a child prodigy on the cello.  Or is she?  Turns out she is awakening to the many past lives she has led and she was a brilliant cellist in a past life.  She was also beheaded in a past life.  To help her understand her awakening to her past lives is Griffon who remembers his many lives and yes, they have met before.  Griffon senses that someone from Cole’s past life is trying to harm her in the present and he is determined to save her.  Part romance, part mystery, Transcendence is a well told reincarnation romance.  For the gaggle of girls at my school that crave anything with romance, especially mysteries, you will enjoy this.  I look forward to the next in this new series.

NetGalley review     Publication date 6.5.12

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