Before You Go – James Preller

A dramatic car accident begins the book.  The story then switches to a teen’s summer job at a fast food place on the beach.  The author spends the first half of the book introducing Jude and his friends and family and explaining the family tragedy that occurred six years earlier – the drowning of Jude’s little sister.  I could see the accident coming – the shift back to the opening scene of the book.  Once again, Jude must deal with the loss of someone so very close to him.  The writing is slow, perhaps in an attempt to weave an introspective book on love and loss and life.  Jude’s character is the most realistic, with his moodiness and actions.  However, Jude’s friends are all a little too perfect.  Corey is the ultimate best friend and Becka is the ultra-understanding and forgiving girlfriend.  The book reads like a pop culture dictionary with so much explaining to references made by Jude.  Best for teens who crave books with a melancholy tone.

NetGalley review   Publication date 7.17.12

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