Something Strange and Deadly – Susan Dennard

I was dreading another zombie novel, and was pleased that this is more about necromancy and the determination of strong characters to fight evil forces.  Against the unique backdrop of the Philadelphia Exposition of 1876, the author explains the rules of high society and the value of marrying off daughters to sustain wealth.  Since the death of her father many years earlier, Rachel and her mother strive to maintain the illusion of wealth and have pinned their hopes on the return of her brother from his schooling and travels abroad.  But dear brother has gotten himself mixed up in necromancy.  The Dead are rising and somehow he is involved.  Spirit Hunters have been hired to fight the necromancer who is raising the Dead and Rachel seeks their help in finding her brother.  Rachel is a Victorian era heroine with plenty of determination and quickly learns that whacking the knees of the Dead is the best defense.  A dash of romance spices up the action with more to come in future installments.

Galley review   Publication date 7.24.12

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