False Memory – Dan Krokos

Miranda has lost her memory.  In the middle of an altercation at a mall, she feels a massive headache, signals the release of her superpowers leaving people dashing about in a frantic, panicked rush, with many dead.  Peter sits by calmly and then fills in the gaps of her memory.  It turns out they have powers and are being raised and trained in a secure facility by a group that seeks to use their powers for evil.  If it had been published five years ago, it might stand out more.  In a saturated market of superpower teens being controlled by evil adults, this is just another in the genre.   The book is well written with plenty of action and dialogue and should hold the attention of teens who crave books in this genre.  The opening action  will hook readers.

NetGalley review    Publication date 8.14.12

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