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Every Day – David Levithan

A wakes up each morning in a different body.  It has been this way since A’s infancy.  This is the only life A has known.  A is a soul, an entity, a person without a body or a permanency in … Continue reading

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The Kill Order – James Dashner

a prequel to The Maze Runner Trilogy The solar flares devastated the planet, forever changing life as they knew it.  Surviving from day to day was challenging beyond anything they could have imagined.  Then the Bergs came and introduced a … Continue reading

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Shadowfell – Juliet Marillier

The first installment of a planned epic fantasy series introduces Neryn, carelessly gambled off by her drunk father, and won by Flint. Soon after, her father is killed, leaving Neryn alone in the world and at the mercy of Flint. … Continue reading

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