Through to You – Emily Hainsworth

Cam feels destroyed by the death of his girlfriend, Viv.  He puts up a shrine at the accident site, recoils into himself, even further away from his friends and family.  Then he sees a stranger at the accident site, shimmering in green light who calls out to him.  Nina has crossed over from a parallel world.  In Nina’s world, it was Cam who died in a hit-and-run at the exact site that in Cam’s world his girlfriend, Viv, was killed.  Cam is elated that he can be with Viv in the other world and Viv can be with Cam again.  While the universes have the same people, their characters and circumstances are different.  More than a story about dealing with the sudden death of a soul mate, it is about making the best of the hand that you are dealt.  You can either let setbacks consume you, or deal with it and move on.  Excellent writing with compelling characters that grow and perhaps twist, this book is a winner.  Brilliantly developed and pieced together, it is a story that can make the reader think, really think about daily choices and the different paths a life can take.  Highly recommend.

eGalley review    Publications date 10.2.12

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