The Kill Order – James Dashner

a prequel to The Maze Runner Trilogy

The solar flares devastated the planet, forever changing life as they knew it.  Surviving from day to day was challenging beyond anything they could have imagined.  Then the Bergs came and introduced a dreadful new variable that would test them even more. Mark and Trina’s quest to overcome these trials takes the reader on a journey from one horrific event to the next, but there is enough good in the end to make you want more.  The Kill Order prepares the reader for the incredible struggles ahead for Thomas and the other gladers, but it doesn’t quite connect the storyline. The author will need another book and more ‘how much can these people take?’ action sequences to get us to the maze.  For readers needing nonstop action, this series never slows down.

NetGalley review    Publication date 8.14.12

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