Anything But Ordinary – Lara Avery

Bryce’s life was all planned out and just getting started at 17.  Graduate high school, go to the Olympics in diving, teach at a university or coach, and be with the man of her dreams.  But everything changed in an instant. Her timing was slightly off; she hit her head, and fell into a coma for 5 years.

When she wakes up, everything has changed.  Years have passed.  Her little sister has grown into a rebellious teenager, her father quit his job as a coach, her parents have grown apart, and the man of her dreams is engaged to her best friend. While she takes all this in, she quickly regains control of her motor skills with the assistance of Carter, a med school student who has been by her side for years. Her senses seem to be heightened after waking up . . . the sounds of cicadas are almost deafening, and she has strange, overpowering visions and auras.  After finally breaking free of the hospital and going home, though, she decides not to tell anyone about these changes.  Bryce learns to adapt to her new life and starts to make up for all the time she lost, and even falls in love.  But with all the progress comes a few setbacks, including a devastating explanation for her visions.

Anything But Ordinary is a worthwhile read that details Bryce’s emotional journey with varied characters, pacing, events, and epiphanies.  It’s a story that will appeal to many ages and hooks the reader from the first few pages.

NetGalley review    Publication date 9.11.12

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