Feedback – Robinson Wells

Spoiler Alert!  If you have not read Variant, please do not read this review.

That Benson can take a punch and keep on going.  It is amazing that a teen with no training in combat sports can wallop and disable so many super strength robots.  Variant left off with our dynamic duo, Benson and Becky escaping from the school.  They find a precarious shelter of sorts at “The Fort”. Hmmmm. I just can’t do a review without giving away the plot.  This is another case of how much can a teen endure and keep on fighting (as in the Maze Runner series).  That being said, it is good.  The plot does fit nicely with book 1 and is the necessary bridge to book 3.  Non-stop action with a large supporting cast of perplexing characters.

Galley review   Publication date 10.2.12

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