Crewel – Gennifer Albin

The author gives a whole new meaning to the fabric of life.  A unique post-apocalyptic Earth is created with Arras, a world that is ruled by an elitist Guild that control the Spinsters who truly weave the world around them.  The Creweler who makes the fabric of life for the others to weave is ancient and seeks a replacement.  Our heroine, Adelice, reluctantly enters the strict Spinster society when it is discovered she has the unique abilities needed to become the new Creweler so that life can continue in Arras.  Adelice can afford to be disrespectful and snappy at authority; she knows they need her, that their way of life depends upon her.  Still, she gets her share of punishments – physical and mental.  But there are stirrings of unrest in this created world and revolution is brewing underneath and is about to bubble over.

This is quite the unique world the author has created and the snappy dialogue moves the story along.  There is a bit of romance but no so much to make this book appeal only to girls.  It is a good read – intriguing and I am not quite sure where the author is going in book 2, so I look forward to reading more.

NetGalley review    Publication date 10.16.12

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