Break My Heart 1,000 Times – Daniel Waters

break my heartAn “Event” has occurred that killed multitudes theoretically creating a rift that has allowed ghosts to appear in increasing numbers.  Most ghosts appear daily at a certain time and place, repeating an action for a few moments, only to disappear.  Are these ghosts or memory fragments?  It really doesn’t matter what they are, only that their numbers are on the rise.  Veronica and her new boyfriend Kirk are the focus of the story along with a creepy old teacher who was accused of the murder of a student many years ago.  Turns out, yes, he did commit the murder in an attempt to bring his dead daughter back into the body of a teen victim at the exact moment of the victim’s death.  He has fixated on Veronica becoming the perfect vessel for his late daughter and as the magical day approaches, Leap Day, the tension mounts.  This is a fast-moving, suspense- filled, ghost-laden, murder mystery that teens should engulf.  The big lesson to learn here – if a murderer is after you, call the police and LOCK YOUR DOOR!

NetGalley review      Publication date 10.16.12

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