The Lure of the Dead (The Last Apprentice #10) – Joseph Delaney

lure of the deadThe previous book focused on Grimalkin, the witch assassin who was striving to keep the Fiend’s head separated from the body, while being attacked from all sides.  Now it is back to Tom.  He sets out with his dear friend, Alice who is a very strong witch.  Tom learns that the final act to end the threat of the Fiend forever will involve sacrificing Alice by removing not just her thumbs while she is alive, but also her beating heart.  Tom is determined to find another way to fulfill the role he born for – to destroy the Fiend.  But that hard decision will have to wait just a little longer.  Tom and the Spook have a bit of a diversion dealing with Romanian entities.  These blood sucking horrors just about end things for the pair.  They have to hope that Alice and Grimalkin will arrive in time.  Another superb entry into this spectacular series.

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