The Runaway King – Jennifer A. Nielsen

runaway kingThis sequel to The False Prince is every bit as fantastic as the first book.  Prince Jaron’s newly found role as ruler of Carthya is slipping from his grasp when his regents feel he is not ready to be king.  Violent threats are made against him and Carthya and it is up to Jaron to usurp his foes before damage can be caused in his kingdom and to those he cares about.  Those dratted pirates are out for revenge when they failed to kill him those many years ago.  Rather than running from the pirates, he seeks them out.  The pirates have an interesting system and a code that they honor above all else.

The pages seem to turn by themselves with never a dull moment.  Jaron can take a heck of a beating as he demonstrated in the first book and still maintain a sense of humor.  Honor and integrity are his backbone and he brings out the good in those around him.  Smart, faithful Imogen is back.  Jaron gathers a new group of followers that will help him in the next book in the Ascendence Trilogy. Highly Recommend!

NetGalley Review     Publication date 3.1.13

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