Mind Games – Kiersten White

mind gamesSeems like the trend in YA lit is super mind abilities.  Two orphaned sisters are enrolled in a boarding school that covertly develops girls’ abilities.  For younger sister, Fia, they use her intuition to pick stocks and hone her street fighting skills to involve her in evil, covert operations.  Older sister, Annie, is blind yet has visions of the future.  If Fia does not do what they say, they will kill Annie.  The story unfolds piecemeal.  Chapters are told in either Fia’s or Annie’s voice.  It is most important toread the chapter headings to know where you are in the story.  Is it the present day or 5 years ago or 3 months ago?  This jumping back and forth in the story is mildly irritating.  However, that writing device seems the best way to tell the story and explain how the sisters got into the no-win predicament they are in.  The reader just has to be on their toes.  The ending indicates more to come.  I’m just not certain that I care enough about either sister to read more.  I loved White’s Paranormalcy series and enjoyed those characters very much so I wanted to be just as thrilled with her latest book.  I think teens will enjoy the book.  There is plenty of action and suspense but something is missing . . .

eGalley review    Publication date 2.19.13

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