Not Exactly A Love Story – Audrey Couloumbis

not exactly a love storyIn the wake of a breakup and his parents’ divorce, Vinnie Gold and his mom move to Long Island from Queens for a fresh start.  While it seems at first that life is against him, things take a promising turn when someone drops a slip of paper with a girl’s number on it, and Vinnie snatches it up.  It’s not just any girl’s number – it’s Patsy’s, the girl next door.  After a fumbling phone call first attempt that Patsy mistakes as an obscene call, Vinnie develops a routine of calling her every night at midnight using the name Vincenzo.  He never gives away any details about himself, and Patsy doesn’t even realize that she sees him every day at school.  Despite the mystery, Patsy grows close to the caller, confiding in him and hoping to meet him in person.  She also begins to know Vinnie, her classmate, unaware that the two guys are one person.  As his parents gradually rebuild their lives and find new spouses, Vinnie starts to find himself as well.  His two identities merge into one.  The story is clever, quick, and punctuated with witty dialogue that will appeal to both male and female readers of all ages.

NetGalley review    Publication date 12.11.12

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