Quintana of Charyn – Melina Marchetta

QuintanaI am in awe of the brilliance of the author.  This final book in The Lumatere Chonicles that begins with Finnikin of the Rock and continues in Froi of the Exiles, is everything and more than I hoped it would be.  A study of characters, compassion, honor, loyalty, betrayal, mercy, forgiveness, revenge, love and devotion, this book has it all and delivered with writing that is perfect.  Quintana of Charyn begins where Froi of the Exiles left off.  It was a year between readings so I spent hours re-reading Froi of the Exiles to spark my memory of events.  There is so much background that the series must be read in order.  Froi and Quintana had been betrayed and separated with Quintana running for her life and that of the life she carried, the little king.  The fight is on for all of the opposing factions within Charyn to find Quintana.  If the evil Bestiano finds her first, Quintana will be killed as soon as she gives birth to the little king.  The birth is the hope for Charyn and will break the curse that has left all Charyn women barren for these long years.  I will not give away any plot details and spoil the story for the next reader except that pretty much every character from the other books makes an appearance or gets a mention.  Fine with me!  The running themes in the trilogy include fate, karma, and looking on the side of wonder.  Highly recommend!  Best for older teens.

NetGalley review     Publication date 4.9.13

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