Poison – Bridget Zinn

poisonKyra is a potions master who also has a bit of a witch’s Seer abilities.  She has mastered the art of potions or poisons and can be a deadly assassin.  Earlier in her youth, she became best friends with the princess and heir to the throne, Ariana.  The story opens with Kyra on the run after she failed to assassinate Ariana. Kyra had a vision of the kingdom withering and dying at the hands of Ariana so killing the princess was the only way to stop the future destruction.  Kyra sets out with a seeker pig that can sniff out Ariana so Kyra can try once more to kill her.  Along the way, her path crosses with Fred who seems to be having a walkabout.  This was great fun and made for a delicious little romp!  The sniffer piglet is absolutely delightful and nosed her way into Kyra’s heart.  Fred is the perfect carefree soul who contrasts nicely with the deadly serious Kyra.  Then there is the spunky princess Ariana who is the ultimate good natured friend and side-kick.   Highly recommend.

NetGalley review     Publication date 3.12.13

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