Parallel – Lauren Miller

parallelWhen parallel worlds collide, Abby is thrust from one world to another.  The story opens when her plans for college and a journalism career take a wrong turn after she enrolls in a drama class her senior year that leads to a career in Hollywood.  A bit of world colliding occurs and Abby is no longer in Hollywood but thrust into her freshman year at Yale, having not chosen that high school drama class.  In this world, she had a falling out with her best friend but reconnects with her.  Fortunately, her high school physics teacher/professor, known for his parallel universe theories, is nearby to help make sense of this.  There is a love triangle of sorts, depending on how many parallel worlds are taken into account.  Deliciously confusing as all multiple universe plots can be, the story intrigues and can lead the reader to ponder the myriad of choices we make each day that determine our future.  Highly recommend.

eGalley review    Publication date 5.14.13

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