A Moment Comes – Jennifer Bradbury

moment comesBefore the British pulled out of India, they were tasked with creating the borders for Pakistan.  Religions that used to live in harmony within India had grown intolerant of each other.  It was decided that a separate Muslim nation be created.  Margaret, the daughter of a British cartographer working on the boundaries, begins to learn about India and appreciate the people while remaining naïve about the unrest between the Muslim and Sikh peoples. Anupreet, a beautiful Sikh girl, bares the scar from a violent encounter with a Muslim man.  She comes to work for Margaret and her mother.  Tariq, an earnest young Muslim who seeks a recommendation to Oxford also joins the cartographer’s household as an assistant.  Their lives intertwine during this time of death, danger and uncertainty as tension between the religions rises.

Having enjoyed the author’s mystery, Shift, I was eager to read more from the author.  Superb!  Genuine characters placed in a vital time in history depicted with the stellar writing I am coming to expect from the author make this an excellent historical fiction novel.  The novel appears well researched and led me to read further about this time in India’s history.  Highly Recommend!

eGalley review    Publication date 6.25.13

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