The Humans: A Novel – Matt Haig

the humansProfessor Andrew Martin is dead.  His body is now inhabited by a member of a highly intelligent species from the far side of the universe. The original Andrew Martin has just solved the Riemann hypothesis, which will lead to amazing technical advances. Unfortunately, the alien society decided that humans are not to be trusted with these advances and everyone who might know of this achievement must be eliminated.  This is the mission of the new Andrew Martin.  Disgusted by appearance of humans, especially their noses, and confused by their customs, the new Andrew Martin learns about human society quickly, by reading a copy of Cosmopolitan.  Unfortunately, he fails to notice that he’s the only person not wearing clothes, an oversight that immediately gets him into trouble with the law.

After reading the first few pages of this book I thought it was just another look-at-human-foibles-through-alien-eyes satire.  I almost stopped right then.  I am so glad I continued reading, for it turned out to be very good.  Satire, yes, sometimes funny, sometimes uncomfortable, sometimes chilling. When the author begins to look at human emotions it becomes beautiful and moving.  It makes me realize that being a human is a good thing.  Highly recommend.

eGalley review   Publication date 7.2.13

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