The White Princess – Philippa Gregory

white princessPrincess Elizabeth of York knows she will be England’s queen one day.  The problem is that she doesn’t know who will be king.  She is in love with the present king, Richard III, who has promised marriage, but she is betrothed to the pretender to the throne, Henry Tudor.  The battle between the two armies has begun; the battle that will seal her fate.   Richard must win.  Richard has the best army.  Richard is the rightful king.  But Richard is defeated and his body thrown into an unmarked grave.   Princess Elizabeth must marry her enemy.

Henry Tudor was raised in exile, knowing little of his birth country.  He won the kingdom at the Battle of Bosworth, but he has no idea how to keep it. The people hate him while loving his wife, and he cannot understand why.  As if that weren’t enough, pretenders to the throne arise, trying to steal his hard won throne.  He slowly realizes that his wife could help him on both fronts,  if he can earn her good will.  Tensions abound between the two royal enemies as they struggle to learn to live with each other.

Philippa Gregory has written another wonderful account of 15th century monarchs. History lives in her books.  The background is detailed and authentic, full of descriptions of clothes, food, sights and sounds.  The characters are real, complex people. People I can care about.  I truly enjoyed this book.  Highly Recommend.

eGalley review     Publication date 07.23.13

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