Falcon in the Glass – Susan Fletcher

falcon in the glassThe author of one of my favorite books, Shadow Spinner, has once again put her thorough research into story.  Falcon in the Glass details the art of glass blowing and explores the history of Venetian glassmaking and the deadly undertakings to protect the secrets of their craft.  Renzo’s father was a highly regarded glassmaker and he is murdered in a twisted attempt to protect the Murano glassmaking secrets.  Now Renzo strives to master the basics well enough to be allowed apprenticeship as a glassmaker.  He must practice late at night, but he needs someone to stoke the fires and assist him.  He meets Letta, a young street girl, charged with the care of other orphans, each with a magical bond with a bird.  The authorities are after these children and are intent upon capturing them and executing them as witches.  Renzo and Letta must help each other to survive.

While I enjoyed this book, having been to Venice, and am mesmerized watching glassblowers at work, the target audience for this quick read is difficult to pinpoint.

eGalley review    Publication date 7.9.13

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