Anna Dressed in Blood – Kendare Blake

AnnaCas leads a difficult life.  He is the son of a ghost killer; ghosts that refuse to go quietly into the night but keep on killing.  When his father is killed at the hand of a particularly nasty evil entity, Cas inherits his father’s athame (dagger) and takes over the family business.  He and his mother move from town to town wherever they hear of suspicious killings.  He moves to a new town to end Anna’s reign of terror.  The locals call her ‘Anna Dressed in Blood’ because she appears in a white dress that drips with blood (her throat was slit many years ago).  His first encounter with Anna ends in a murder, but Anna saves Cas.  Why?  Is there a soul worth saving amidst the gruesome killings she has committed?

There are no dull paragraphs in this book.  Attempts to skim and scan through a paragraph or two, led me to backtrack because I missed an important detail.  For all you younglings, watch the movie, Poltergeist, triple the gore and terror and you come close to Anna Dressed in Blood.  Excellent horror and suspense for teens with the proper amounts of gruesome deaths and poltergeist maneuverings tinged with romance.  There is some foul language peppered here and there so proceed accordingly.  The sequel, Girl of Nightmares, is equally as good.  Highly recommend.

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