The Shadow Society – Marie Rutkoski

Shadow SocietyDarcy was abandoned in Chicago when she was 5 years old and spent time in many foster homes until she finally found a kind foster mother and created her own family of good friends.  But her junior year in high school goes awry when she partners with new student, Conn, for an English project.  Just as their relationship turns romantic, he handcuffs her, arresting her for being a Shade, and transports her back to their true parallel Chicago.  It turns out there is a parallel universe where some people, the Shades, can turn invisible, sort of.  Not only does she feel betrayed by Conn, but she desperately wants to get back to her Chicago.  Rutkoski had written another creative novel that is quite in engaging.  Packed with action, adventure, true friends and the complex Conn, readers should enjoy this one.  Darcy is one tough girl.  Easy to root for her!  Highly Recommend.

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