Bertie Plays the Blues: A 44 Scotland Street Novel – Alexander McCall Smith

Bertie playsThe folks on Scotland Street have been nudged from their familiar ruts and are trying to cope. Matthew and Elspeth have just brought their newborn triplet boys home and are, of course, struggling to care for three infants. The fact that Matthew carelessly removed the hospital bracelets with the names on them has added somewhat to their stress. Domenica and Angus, engaged to be married, are trying to decide which flat to live in and which to sell and need to start planning their wedding. Big Lou is looking for a bit of male company. And then there’s Bertie. It seems that Bertie has had enough of his domineering mother, so he puts himself up for adoption on eBay.

This is the seventh installment of the 44 Scotland Street Series. It helps a bit to have read them in order, but it’s not necessary. I find these gentle adventures calming and refreshing and witty. You know nothing terrible will happen and everything will be all right in the end. I especially enjoy the insights into the thinking of Angus’ lovely dog Cyril. But be warned, these books are highly addictive.

eGalley review Publication date 10.8.13

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