The Storycatcher – Ann Hite

storycatcherGhosts roam Black Mountain and Shelley Parker is accustomed to seeing them. She’s done it for most of her sixteen years. Usually they warn her of danger or just tell her their stories. The ones she is seeing now don’t seem quite so benign so Shelly decides to ignore them. Big mistake. If Shelley would just listen, she might understand the dark secrets that have filled this mountain for generations. She might save herself from becoming a part of that history. Working for Pastor Dobbins for years, she thoroughly dislikes him, but right now is so caught up in resentment of his daughter, Faith, that she can’t see anything else. Faith feels the evil around her and tries desperately to ward it off. But the ghosts keep getting in the way. Are they acting for good or is there some other motive?

Set in the depression era in the mountains and the salt marshes of the Georgia coast, this is a tale of ghosts and possession, a tale of two teenaged girls trying to fight an unspeakable evil. Told in several voices, the atmosphere is dark and dangerous and the tension mounts as the story progresses. It is beautifully crafted. I was totally enveloped and simply couldn’t put the book down. Even when I wasn’t reading, I felt unsettled, uneasy. Readers in the mood for a good ghost story will enjoy this one.

eGalley review Publication date 9.10.13

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