Tales from High Hallack, Volume I: The collected short stories of Andre Norton – Andre Norton

tales from high hallackOh my! What a wonderful collection of Andre Norton’s short stories. From one written in 1939 for a boy’s magazine to Witch World, this volume spans over fifty years. There are fantasies, folktales, sci-fi, and combinations of all of the above. There is even a story about a cat – Andre Norton loved cats.

If you are a fan of Andre Norton, or if you have never heard of her and are a fan of good fantasy, then you will enjoy this collection. She was an amazing story teller, a master of many genres. I think The Way Wind, a tale about a trader whose flowers bring happiness to a city of exiles was my favorite. No, wait – my favorite was the sci-fi story about a colorblind woman and her cat. Or maybe it was Ully the Piper, about a sweet, handicapped boy who learns to make beautiful music. But it could have been the one about the incompetent wizard . . . ah well, I just can’t decide. This is the first volume of a three volume set and I am eagerly looking forward to the rest. Not just for adults, this collection is suitable for teens. Highly recommend.

eGalley review Publication date 1.14.14

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