A Breath of Frost – Alyxandra Harvey

breath of frostThree cousins in early 1800s London are unaware of their witchy Lovegrove lineage until their powers, long hidden by Emma’s insane mother, are awakened.  They are suddenly plunged into the once hidden world of witches, warlocks and Keepers now in a battle to control the Greymalkin Sisters who were unleashed with Emma’s awakening.  Enter the dashing Cormac who had been toying with young debutante Emma’s affections.  Seems he had been holding out on her.  He is a Keeper for the Order and against his directives is determined to protect Emma.  Emma winds up in a finishing school that on the surface appears to be merely that, but really teaches young witches from wealthy families to use their powers.

The author’s witty writing and crisp dialogue shine through as in her other enjoyable novels.  While this novel includes the familiar thread of learning power and skills at finishing schools or boarding schools, the author doesn’t dwell on that aspect.  Far more of the story focuses on solving the mystery of Emma’s lineage, the murders, and fighting the evil Greymalkin Sisters.  Then there is the ever dashing Cormac who strives to help Emma.  Although I still don’t understand his intentions of delivering her into the hands of the ruthless Keepers even after he explains it.  Perhaps it was necessary to explain why many with magical power despise the Order.  This is a fun romp through paranormal Victorian London complete with horridly evil murders and a cast of spunky characters.  Perfect for tweens and teens who crave paranormal adventures tinged with romance.  The first in a series (The Lovegrove Legacy), I look forward to reading the next book.

eGalley review     Publication date 1.7.14

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