Counting by 7s – Holly Goldberg Sloan

countingWillow was adopted when she was quite young, by two loving parents, who embraced her quirkiness and genius.    When she was 12, both parents were killed in a fiery car accident.  With no family or close friends to take her in, she goes home with the Nguyen siblings that she met in counseling just weeks before.  Her misfit counselor along with the Nguyens and a taxi driver come together to give Willow a home.

Deserving of every award this book has garnered, Counting by 7s will appeal to readers of all ages.  The factual and observant way that Willow sees the world, her interest in nature, botany, medical conditions and other people are told in a sparkling and distinct voice.  Willow has a positive impact on so many people she meets, the author shows how they unite to care for her and in doing so, care for themselves.  Told in short chapters that focus on each character, this book works on every level of writing.  Highly recommend.

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