Liberty 1784: The Second War for Independence – Robert Conroy

libertyThe defeat of the British relief fleet off Yorktown led to Cornwallis’ surrender and the successful end to the American Revolution.  But what if Washington had not been so lucky and the fleet had arrived on time?  What if Washington had been defeated and America’s revolution had failed?  Would that have been the end?  Would Americans have settled quietly into submission?  Or would the dedicated revolutionaries have fled the vengeful British and tried to live free in the west?  In this alternative history, the latter has happened and the colony of Liberty has come into existence near present day Chicago.  Unfortunately, the British decide that this tiny free nation is a threat and have sent an army under Burgoyne to eradicate them.

I enjoy good alternative history with a thoughtful evaluation of what might have been, but I didn’t find much of that in this book.  It is a good adventure story, though, with interesting, believable characters and lots of action.  Ben Franklin makes an appearance, as do several lesser known American generals (the famous ones have been captured and executed or imprisoned).  And Benedict Arnold is still trying to help the British.  It’s a quick, light read, just not what I was expecting.

eGalley review    Publication date 3.4.14

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