The Boundless – Kenneth Oppell

boundlessWill’s father helped in laying the hundreds of miles of railroad tracks in Canada, running coast to coast. Years after the track was completed, a massive train named The Boundless departs on its first journey with Will’s father in charge. Mr. Van Horne, the wealthy owner of the railroad died and a specially designed funeral car heads up the long series of cars. The funeral car is electrified for security since Van Horne surrounded himself in death with his valued possessions just as the ancient rulers of Egypt. A series of circus cars bring up the rear of the line and Will is happy to find the tightrope walker, Maren, he met years earlier. With so much wealth secured in the funeral car, someone must be planning to create a great robbery. After Will witnesses a murder, he becomes a target and must run for his life, often along the top of the moving train.

This master storyteller has combined adventure, mystery, and a colorful cast of characters with the thrill of riding the rails. The bad guys are bad, the circus folks are good, the circus master Mr. Dorian is intriguing, the Sasquatch are frightful and the train is LOOOONG. Best character – scrappy, resourceful tightrope walking Maren! A must-read for those wanting a fun adventure. Fine for all ages.

eGalley review         Publication date 4.22.14

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