Sleep No More – Aprilynne Pike

sleep no moreCharlotte is an Oracle and is a descendent of the Oracles consulted by the ancient Greeks. Only now the Oracles stay hidden and try to fight the visions of the future that interfere with their lives. Charlotte’s aunt, also an Oracle, has advised Charlotte to avoid the visions with the belief that Oracles should not interfere with fate. Then Charlotte begins to see visions of her classmates being murdered. Sure enough, one by one, the visions come true. Still she does not confide in her aunt. Someone does come to her aid – a stranger who teaches her to alter the future that her visions foretell. Yet the murders continue.

Almost too much first person introspection for my taste, but when the action starts picking up the plot takes over. Pike’s tween and teen fans should enjoy this thriller. This reminds me of Jill Hathaway’s Slide, published in 2012, that had more twists and turns but better for the older teen.

eGalley review Publication date 4.29.14

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