Half a World Away – Cynthia Kadohada

Half a World AwayThe enduring, unconditional, and transformative powers of family and love flow through this novel and immediately draw the reader in.  Jaden, an 11 year old boy adopted a few years ago, constantly struggles with the feeling that he’s not good enough for his parents.  He is angry, steals, rebels, and lights fires to cope with his raw and painful feelings. When his parents decide to adopt another baby, this time from Kazakhstan, Jaden knows it’s because he wasn’t enough for his parents.  In order to bond with the baby, the threesome travel abroad for several weeks.  The excitement of the trip is squelched immediately when the parents learn the baby they’d been wanting was already adopted.  They then begin the process of bonding with another child.  The experiences the family has while abroad change them all forever.  The novel is a quick and captivating read that eloquently shows the raw emotions of a family.

eGalley review   Publication date 9.2.14

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