The Caller – Juliet Marillier

the callerNeryn was content to snuggle down for the winter in Shadowfell, but the pressing need to find the remaining two Guardians was nagging.  She has been trained by Guardians of water and earth and nowneeds to learn from the Guardian of air. There is not much time to complete her training if she is to be able to muster the Good Folk to combine forces with the rebels before the planned confrontation with the king.  Summer will come far too soon, but winter is coming quickly and the danger of being caught in a blizzard is real. Whisper, one of the Folk, an owl-like being, has  a solution.  He can transport Neryn overnight to the place where the White Lady is likely to be found and stay close by as her guard. After a great deal of discussion, the council decides that this is the only solution.  And so Neryn leaves the security of Shadowfell and once again continues her training.

The book is rather slow and introspective, stressing the importance of careful learning and training in order to use the gift well.  I was sorry to see this trilogy come to an end.  It was so nice to immerse myself in another world, a world filled characters with real emotions and real flaws, characters I came to care about.  Juliet Mariller is a wonderful storyteller.

eGalley review      Publication date  09.09.14

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