The Boy in the Black Suit – Jason Reynolds

Boy in Black SuitMatt’s mother died of cancer.  His father deals with her death by sinking into depression and alcohol.  Matt deals with her death by shouldering the responsibilities of the sad reality.  He needs a job and it is either at the local fast food chain or at the funeral home, thus the black suit of the funeral home job.  His new boss is kind and full of wisdom, the type of steady adult all children should have in their life.  Then amidst the gloom, he meets Lovey who has dealt with her own hardships, not by dwelling in despair but by being responsible.  Together they can understand each other’s loneliness and begin to see the positives in the next stage of their lives.

It is not a sad, depressing book because the author focuses on the characters rather than the sad events.  The author’s voice is so natural and never forced.  The reader gets a pretty good understanding of Matt, but tough, level-headed Lovey has an air of mystery.  Another excellent book from this talented author should find plenty of tween/teen readers.  Highly recommend.

eGalley review    Publication date   1/6/15

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