There Will Be Lies – Nick Lake

there will be liesShelby and her mom have a solid routine in Arizona, complete with weekly ice cream dinners, trips to the batting cages for talented Shelby, and home schooling.  Her life is quite sheltered, and her mom is constantly concerned with her privacy and safety.  Their world changes drastically when Shelby is hit by a car outside the library one day, injuring her foot.  As she lies on the pavement, she has the first if many visions.  A coyote comes to her and speaks very sparsely, but tells her there will be two lies and a truth. She realizes what this means over the next few weeks when her mom throws their belongings in a rental car and drives them hurriedly away on a strange, secretive, and shocking adventure.  Shelby learns that she and her mom are not who she thought they were.

Nick Lake creates a tale full of love and self-discovery with wit, captivating language, and intrigue that are now author trademarks. The story has twists and turns that keep the reader entangled and hungry for more. The mystical, symbolic elements of the coyote folk talks in the Dreaming are woven expertly into the story but there are times they bog the story down just a bit.  Perhaps it was just my impatience to read what was going to happen next to Shelby in her real life.  Highly recommend.

eGalley review           Publication date 1.6.15

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