When – Victoria Laurie

WhenMaddie sees each person’s death date hovering above their head, either in person or in a photograph.  The numbers have been there for as long as she can remember, back to when she was a few years old, learning her numbers and including them in her earliest family drawings.  When her police officer father is killed on the job, on the date on the drawing, her mother and uncle understand the numbers.  Many years later, her mother has sunk into despair and alcohol.   Maddie’s uncle offers support and they make ends meet by Maddie giving readings of death dates.  Then the murders begin.  She tries to warn a lady that her son’s death date is soon so be careful.  When the boy is found murdered, the police suspect Maddie.  She and her best friend, Stubby, just get deeper and deeper into the mess when another grisly murder occurs.  Murder, suspense, and teen angst all wrapped up a fast-paced mystery make for a fabulous suspense for teens.  Highly recommend.

eGalley review         Publication date 1.13.15

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