The Thickety: A Path Begins – J.A. White

Thickety Path BeginsThe story opens with a hanging.  Kara is dragged from her bed, accused of witchcraft, then is forced to watch as her mother is killed.  The same night Kara’s brother is born.  Her father is incapacitated with guilt and loss so it is up to Kara to raise Taff and take care of her father.  She finds she has a way with animals that intensifies after she is led to the magic book used by her mother.  The townspeople have long been vigilant against witches and see magic as evil, so Kara must keep her talents to herself or she will face the hanging tree as well.

The cutesy cover totally belies the horrific story of evil, cruelty and murder.  A dark gloom shades the story but I found the horrible creatures fascinating.  Kara is a heroine to root for and bully Grace, well, we all want to see her downfall.  I am ready for the sequel and rarely get to read the books back to back so the review of The Whispering Trees is next!

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